Monday, May 17, 2010

Rag Bag

We stopped using paper towels several years ago and have never looked back. We simply quit buying them, and got used to grabbing for a rag when we would have otherwise reached for a paper towel.
When I saw the idea for the "Rag bag" in Soulemama's inspiring book Handmade Home, it was too perfect. Instead of a pile of rags sitting in the cupboard under our sink they would be tidily contained in one convenient little spot.

I adapted her version slightly and found the project super easy. It's something I use every day.
I repurposed 2 old tea towels that have never been very efficient, added a braided hemp drawstring, and appliqued letters using a soft recycled denim material and this template.


***Much more important than my Rag Bag - My baby boy said "Mama" yesterday!!! What a feeling... :)

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