Friday, May 21, 2010

Last little bits (yesterdays post)

Ran out of time to post this yesterday:
We are basically packed and ready to go. It seems that one can never be totally packed until the last hour when suddenly you start running around remembering things that for some reason or other you couldn't think of - until the last hour!

It's been a busy day already. L has been up since 6:30am. A tad early for him. There has already been a decent size bump on his eyebrow from the coffee table, a small dose of arnica, and lots of cuddles. Poor guy. :(

Yesterday did not go according to plan (as they never do), and not even a tiny stitch happened. I suppose that project will need to wait until we get back.

I feel surprisingly relaxed about our trip. Usually we are fairly disorganized which leads to feeling overwhelmed and tense. There is definitely something to be said for packing ahead.

Travel is such a great time to get away from the things that sometimes tend to crowd our lives more than they should, therefore we will be leaving the laptop and cell phone behind. I will visit internet cafe's as regularly as possible, but they seem to be quite pricey in Italy (5-8 Euro per hour). In Asia it cost, generally, 25 to 30 baht per hour which is less than a dollar! It is hard not to compare prices once you have been somewhere so inexpensive. I will post here at least weekly.


So here we are in Milan, Italy! An extremely long day yesterday,but last night wasn,t even too bad (the keyboard is different and I can,t quite grasp it in case you haven,t noticed). Levi slept on and off through the day. He woke from a "nap" at about 1am where he was fully ready for playing! He played for about an hour and a half and then back to bed until 9am this morning. Since that is technically 3am at home he is a little out of sorts today, and sadly there seems to be a cold brewing. We,re off to find something to ward it off for him before it gets out of hand. We had some Coryzale, a homeopathic remedy, (spelled right??) but are fresh out.

Breakfast at the hostel consisted of coffee and various packaged waffles & croissants with flavoured, sugary creams in the centre. I think this is a pretty average breakfast here.

Last night we had the greatest pizza ever, and we aren,t even in Naples which is the "home" of pizza. I figured pizza was pizza, but seriously not the case! The basil was the freshest tasting basil in the world,I am sure. It is funny all the small nuances that you can,t find information about, but know you aren,t doing right. We just sensed that we were inappropriate about something at dinner- Maybe eating too much of the bread at the table, maybe sharing a pizza instead of having one each as seems to be the way, maybe we ate too quickly and didn,t linger long enough as tends to be more the custom at home(to "eat and run").There was definitely something. We,ll need to really observe locals while we,re out.

L is LOVING all the attention and total strangers keep reaching out to hold him. The woman who runs our hostel gave him a toy this morning. Everyone stops to talk to him. He,ll be speaking Italian before we know it!

We,re heading to see the "The Last Supper" right now and then boarding a train to Venice!

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  1. Loved hearing about all this! Can hardly wait for the pics.