Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Additions

It does seem like I do a whopping number of posts about fabric. I do love it though!

There has been a lot of it coming through this house lately.
A few vintage fat quarters from an antique market.

A few fat quarters from The Workroom - a great little sewing shop in Toronto that holds workshops.

And a big old stack from the thrift shop.

It has become quite difficult to pick up second-hand pure wool sweaters. I was hoping to pick up a few, felt them, and make a couple things, but I am finding them so rarely.

I'm waiting on three yards of Michael Miller fabric which I purchased through Etsy so that I can sew the "Quick Change Trousers"
from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings. They've been shipped, so it won't be long now.

It is fun to just rummage through the stash occasionally and imagine what different bits will be. I think I need a system where I label certain pieces with my imaginings.
Sometimes it's hard to find what you want or remember what you have, so I aspire to compile a little notebook with swatches of fabric from all my half yard and larger pieces. Then I wonder if I cut out a small swatch and then wanted the entire piece as a quilt backing or something that would mess up my plans, so then I think I should photograph the materials, but then you don't have the feel of them in the notebook hmmmmm.....
Now to figure out how to group them. By colour maybe makes a lot of sense, but then by type would be a good idea as well. Therein lay the problem with thrifted material - it can be very difficult to figure out what certain fabrics are made of. Someone should teach a workshop on that...

I've definitely got some thinking to do on this little plan of mine, or maybe I should forget organising and re-organising and

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