Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where does it go???

Time, that is.
I keep thinking a magical week will appear where everyday I can blog about wonderful progress and completed projects in my sewing space, where instead the days are whizzing by in a frenzy of sniffles, errands, naps, and zoning out in front of my laptop. That is SO not progress!!
I have learned in the past week that giving in to naptime actually makes me feel a whole lot better. At the same time, this little give in to a simple need rewards me with PILES of laundry, dirty dishes, and toy chaos the likes of which I have trouble catching back up with. A bit of a conundrum to be sure...

This week only brings more errands, but will end on a hot, sunny beach in Punta Cana. That is a fine end to a week I must say, and seeing as my necessary errands bring me to thrift shops I really have little to complain about. I'm on a mission for a couple little items for my boy, and if a few bits of fabric or good books happen to come back home with me... so be it.

I picked up a noisy little plastic guitar from the thrift this past week for the little guy. It is something, if I saw in the store, I would be so not into but he picked it up and played with it the entire time we were there occasionally setting it down on the ground so he could have a wee dance, hands-free. It was too cute and funny to not bring the party home with us. I imagine his interest in it will wane quickly but for three dollars I can definitely deal!

My sister-in-law happened to be passing through the city this weekend on one of her flights (she is an attendant) and we had the pleasure of spending the whole day with her. A great visit, a nice walk around our local "lake" in the downtown area with a hot drink in our hands, and topped off with a dinner at Marche in Toronto. It made for a perfect Saturday.

Here's one for the taloids to tip off your weekend.

I hope everyone is having a good one! xo

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  1. Where's the picture of the little guy with the guitar? Great writing by the way.