Saturday, November 27, 2010

From Sand and Sea, To Snow

Well I tried daily but the connection just wasn't strong enough to upload any photos, publish posts or even just save drafts of posts.

We spent the past week at a resort about 25km from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It went by in a flash and yesterday we went from this..

To this..

It is always so great for our little guy to have his mom AND dad 24 hours a day for an entire week. Every time we return home from a trip I really notice a difference in him with Jim back to spending his days at work. He goes through a brief period of being extra sensitive and cuddly – making sure I am always close by.
It was also so awesome for me to have all the extra round-the-clock support - and of course have Jim by my side all day each day.

It took us a couple days to adjust to holiday time in which we still have the responsibilities of home with our little one - as it does.
He didn't go to sleep until well after midnight for the first two nights. We always seem to pass through a time of trial where we need to let go of our expectations of home, relax, and just go with the flow.
We did finally reach that space and enjoyed our days lounging on the beach immensely.

The staff were so amazing throughout the resort. We had 24 hour room service which rocked! We never order room service because it is always so pricey, but just another one of the benefits of a resort - no need to worry about money once you've paid for the trip.
Levi had a little accident on our bed one of the nights and we requested clean sheets. We felt guiltily like maybe they thought we were unhappy with our room, as two women came quickly over at 10pm and spent 20 minutes not only replacing the sheets, but putting up balloons and curling the piles of ribbons attached. I think the more excited Levi was by the balloons, the more the women wanted to put up which may be why, by the time they left, every corner had been decorated.

One night was spent laying awake (for freakin' AGES) to the sound of our clearly childless (at least while travelling) neighbour's making a ruckus with their headboard. Yikes! Like I need anything to add to my tiredness...
There are a lot of little reminders to the differences in travel with a young one at an all-inclusive resort. The beautiful thing is, mostly they bring relief. Like when you realize you are not the one being sick in the bushes outside your room, and no that was not you being carried out of the sea from an overdose on rum punch and sunshine.

We spent so much time in the lobby where so many people seemed to congregate and Levi loved watching the other little kids. He is such an affectionate, social little guy - though I feel some kids are a little overwhelmed by his aggressive need to hug and kiss constantly when he meets someone he thinks is great. :)

This was our second time at a resort, the first being for our wedding in Mexico about 5 years ago. It's hard not to compare everything to that first time which was special for totally different reasons. We did really enjoy our time this week especially with the totally awesome staff (our cappuccino girl in the lobby xo), and the beautiful powdery sand beach (which IS the one thing definitely better than the resort in Mexico).

We tend to need to see absolutely everything when we travel, so a resort is sort of ideal in that we are in a spot where we are forced to chill out. Even still we spend a little bit of time trying to schedule our days and plan some stuff, but in the end are just maxin’ out in the sand with our little dude and his trusty pail and shovel.
I must say that although it is highly depressing to be putting on shoes AND socks again, and it's a bummer that my belly can no longer get a bit of fresh air without being mighty chilly, it does feel pretty sweet to be home with the snow coming down and Christmas on it's way!

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