Monday, July 5, 2010

How-To: Baby Toy Strap

I have found a toy strap for the stroller invaluable while out and about, so I thought I would share with you a simple tutorial for how to make your own. Hope you like it! They are great for snack cups, toys, and sippy cups.

The Goods:
*Easy to sew velcro
*Fabric of your choosing 2" wide by 28" long - It works out to being just under 20" long which seems like the perfect length as it won't hit the ground, but is long enough for the child to play and move the toy about.
*Matching thread

The Details:
Lay your 2 pieces of fabric out and press.

With the right side of the 2 pieces together, stitch the 2 ends and along one side

Turn right side out - You can see the raw, open edge on the left side in the photograph below

Fold in unstitched edge and pin

Stitch around entire strap, fairly close to the edge

Fold one end over 4 inches and press
Stitch in place through all layers where shorter, folded over piece meets the main length of material (You can see this on the left side of the photograph below)

Fold over other end 4 inches, measure and pin 'easy to sew' velcro in place

Ta Da! A handy, dandy, cheap & easy, made from scraps, toy strap! :)

Please NEVER leave your child unattended with this toy strap. Be careful to fasten low enough (don't hang above childs head) on the stroller or car seat to reduce the risk of entanglement or strangulation. Do NOT use on a crib or anywhere child may be unsupervised.

**When I first started making these, I placed velcro on both ends. It isn't long before your little one is quite adept at opening the velcro end nearest them and throwing the toy on the floor despite your efforts to sew them a cute little strap to prevent this very situation. The end without velcro is sturdy, and easily wraps around any toy or sippy/snack cup. Simply wrap the sewn loop around your item, and then pull the velcro end through the sewn loop before securing to your stroller, cart, or car seat.

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