Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrifty Upcycle: Cheap and Easy Artwork

Keep on the lookout for children's books with great artwork at your local thrift shop and garage sales. Worn or damaged make no difference when you're cutting them up. In fact, yay you for saving a book that probably wouldn't get purchased otherwise!

This would work well with old cookbooks for a little kitchen art, especially books from the fifties to seventies. Is it just me, or did the 70's have a major love for the hotdog as a main ingredient in everything?


  1. Hey the hot dog RULED in the 70's!
    Just kidding, I really have no idea, but I do love the idea for art;)

  2. The pictures are great!Awesome idea for inexpensive art work.
    In the seventies there were a lot of recipes that used hot dogs, luncheon meats and a lot of processed cheese. So healthy eh?