Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Loungin' Time

So, it happened. My lovely little boys coordinated nap times so mama could hang out in her sewing room for a bit, and now my lounge pants are complete!

The hubby's first question upon seeing the new pants:
"Are those pillowcases?". (Uh, bed sheets actually.)

The hubby's second question upon seeing the new pants (accompanied by a concerned and quizzical expression) :
"Those are just for at home right?".

Message received dear one. I pinky promise the new loungers will not leave this house (but I can't help it, if people come over and happen to see me wearing them...).

Nap times have been coordinated; Next up is laundry folding itself, and then let the loungin' begin! ;)

*I used the pattern for Pajamas For Everyone from the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.

P.S. If you are new to sewing this is the best project for you.


  1. I love them! My boy's wear their lounge pants to town which drives my husband nuts. I think yours are adorable.

  2. Neat pattern on the fabric! They look great.

  3. I LOVE THEM!!!! P.S. - I'd totally wear them to the market! ;)