Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We have now used Priceline to "Make [our] own price", for the third time.
This week, we booked a brief 4 night stay in Dusseldorf, Germany for the end of November.
When you are putting an offer on Priceline, you state your city, followed by the area (ie. downtown, airport, etc.), finally setting your requested star rating and then setting your price. This way you are narrowing down the places which can accept your offer.
On a whim, after some difficulty in finding appropriate accommodation, we hopped on Priceline, made our selections including a 4 star rating and placed our offer of 60 dollars per night. What do ya know? It was accepted! When I then went online to check prices through pretending to reserve a room at the same hotel, the best available rate came up at 151 Euro per night. That's a pretty wicked deal we received, and the hotel is a reliable place. We would prefer a hostel or apartment rental, but being at the end of our trip this is a welcome place to rest our heads for a few nights after what will be quite a bit of travel.
Definitely would recommend Priceline.

Previous accommodations we have booked this way were in Halifax, Nova Scotia & Portland, Maine.

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