Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Birthday Boy

Without means to upload my camera for the past few days, nearly made me CRAZY! Finally...

The Birthdays So Far...

Brand New

One Year Old!

And here he is, growing much too quickly...Wow. Two.

The Party...

This photo is a bit blurry - the pilons are from the thrift store @ 50 cents each, and the piece of material is Wheels by Riley Blake. I only had the one bit of fabric left, so I folded it in on the sides for tidy edges, and placed it in the middle as an accent. I still would like to use it for sewing, so I protected it with a vinyl table cloth.

Levi is sharing one of his birthday presents with a napping, unaware Owen.

Prepping for the lemonade...

I used THIS recipe.
I think for every thing we make now, we look up "Best..." on the internet. It has to be the best if you do that, doesn't it?

To avoid it getting too watery, I froze a lemon's worth of slices, and put them in the lemonade along with a bunch of frozen strawberries, and then a few ice cubes as well.

The beverage canister is from Crate & Barrel. Love it.

The materials for his birthday T-shirt are both by Riley Blake. Unfortunately, the '2' barely shows up on the background material, in photographs especially.

I did not make this cake. The bakery at Metro made it. Easy peasy!

..And so begins another year in this busy two year old's life!


  1. Happy Birthday to your little man! He is such a handsome little guy. I do love the shirt you made with the 2! Such talent you have there Janie.

  2. Such a sweetheart, I can't believe he's 2! The food and decor all looks great. Love the drink dispenser.

  3. My gosh, 2 already! Happy Birthday Buddy!