Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Pho - a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup made with Banh-Pho noodles & beef broth. My go-to was and remains to be Pho Ga (Chicken Soup).
A variety of garnishes and sauces are added to personal taste including hoisin sauce, fish sauce, hot sauce, thai basil, thinly sliced white onion, bean sprouts, coriander, fresh thai chili peppers, and lime wedges.

At our favourite Pho restaurant in Vietnam, Pho 24, which is found all across the country, there were small bags of cashews at each place available at an extra cost. I suppose they were meant for eating on the side, but we decided it was a garnish for our noodle soup, tried it, and loved it. I must admit we have even brought cashews with us the odd time to our favourite local spot here in Canada for our soup - might be worth a go if you happen to make Pho at home.

Bowl of Pho in Sapa, Vietnam

"Pho 24", our favourite Vietnamese spot for Pho. This particular photo was taken in Hanoi.

Here is a link to one person's opinion on The Best Pho in Toronto. I will definitely have to look into a couple of these spots...
We have a small local joint we love. The owners know us, and even bought Levi a present a few months back of a bowl, cup, plate & cutlery set - how sweet is that? Anyway, love the pho.

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  1. I'm a big miso soup fan! We have a lovely market here where I can purchase all the ingredients and fix it at home. I always have miso when I have a cold, it makes me feel better. I think my husband would enjoy a bowl of pho, I'll have to make some for him.