Monday, July 25, 2011

A Doll Sling

Using Amanda Blake Soule's pattern for the doll sling in Handmade Home, I put this together for my niece's birthday gift a couple of weeks ago.

I cut a rectangle of 40 inches x 20 inches. The gift was for a three year old, and it also fit my 2 year old perfectly.

I stitched together two separate slings of different patterned fabrics, and then placed one inside the other, wrong sides facing and stitched them all along the outside of the original hem to create a reversible doll sling. Just makes it a bit more fun I think.

Good thing I had a willing participant of just the right size to test it out for me! I think I may need to make another...

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  1. I think you do to..he looks mighty pleased with himself.xx