Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Cozy Corner

A new piece of furniture was added to our home. The necessary "old man" chair. It's been with us a week, and already seen a great many hours of quiet nursing, good storybook readin', playing, cuddling, and very comfortable sleeping. Levi loves hiding behind it, as well as jumping into it (thank God the mechanism is guaranteed for life) and on it so yes, he approves whole heartedly!

I have sat down here to nurse several times only to wake a couple of hours later. Good times...

I recently scored a magical spare hour to dip into my sewing room and stitch up this blanket to add to our little corner. I think I'm learning to sew faster with the few spare moments available!!

One side is a natural, unbleached, undyed cotton flannelette, and the other called, I think, a waffle patterned cotton/poly (80/20?). The two combined make for a very nice weight. I pre-washed them, but the blanket still warped a bit after the next wash due to the cotton/poly blend fabric.
I bought the extra wide so it would be a slightly larger sized blanket. The material was actually bought for a blanket intended for Owen, but as it turned out to be quite a bit bigger than I thought, it works splendidly for keeping cozy while feeding him in this chair. Therefore, it still is sort of his right??

Here is my tutorial for sewing this type of blanket.

I think in this house we all agree that this is THE place to chill.



  1. We have a man chair too. I guess I shouldn't complain since I am the one who bought it for my husband.
    Your wee one is getting so big and I love his little bare toes!

  2. That looks SO cozy Janie! The perfect spot.

  3. Ha Ha what a cutie can't wait to meet him!

  4. What a precious moment and a great cozy place indeed ;)