Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frankie Magazine

When we were living in Australia I fell in LOVE with this mag. It's a great mix of tunes, artsiness & craftiness, photography and fashion among other things. Unfortunately it is unavailable in North America, and a subscription is SO not do-able at over 100 bucks per year, and that's only for 6 issues!!

After looking ALL over for a copy, I finally discovered that I could subscribe to it digitally through a site called ZINIO. Now, I know, it is not the same as being able to physically hold your magazine in your hands, fingers flipping through the pages, tearing out the goodies for your wall o' inspiration. For those reasons I was hesitant to subscribe, but for 15 dollars for 3 issues it is well worth it to still be able to check out this great mag. You can flip through, while zooming in on each page. Another big plus is the paper-saving factor. I also love that I can download my copies and read them while offline. Plus, plus, plus!

*image borrowed from Frankie Magazine

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