Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Second, First Haircut

Yesterday, our second little boy took a giant leap from "baby", to "kid", with his new do.

He was doing great, but a few distractions became necessary toward the end...

And, presto!

Gone are his fine, multi-length, wispy baby locks.

The same woman did Levi's first haircut, and she is incredible to be able to cut a head of hair that does not remain still for even a second. Cut's like the wind, she does!

Quick Recap:

Little Brother...

Big Brother...

Probably both boys last hairdresser cut for a good, long while. Daddy's trimmer will be the new hairdresser - hope old papa bear's patience can take it! 


  1. Oh, they both look so cute! It's amazing how much older they look instantly. It totally changes Owen's look.

  2. my gorgeous baby boys, soooo cute xx [ granny ]