Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The First Camping Weekend of The Summer

:: It poured rain. All. Night. (And sprinkled a fair bit both days, as well)

:: We donned about 4 layers of clothing to bed, and had about 8 blankets on top of us, and 3 below, to counter the sudden painful temperature drop at night.

:: Contrary to the 30 Day Vegan workshop I am currently taking part in, we ate hot dogs. Oh yes, and cheese. Those are vegan  foods right?? We'll call them "vegan junk food" to lessen the failure.

:: We had excessive amounts of everything being that we packed for a weekend, but the massive rainfall all day Friday, delayed us until Saturday morning. I suppose, being that it was only a weekend planned trip we probably shouldn't have had that much excess but, alas...

:: We forgot to properly secure our food, and were visited in the night by raccoons. There was a rather aggressive scrap between two outside of our tent door - likely regarding which of them got to take the score. Jokes on the winner of that fight because he may have gotten our cooler open, but speedy old me was on it so quick I had that cooler shut again before it could reap the rewards - then I encouraged my fella to bring said cooler to the car. Did I mention, they were HUGE!

:: I was awake nearly all night.

:: Both Jim and I were constantly re-blanketing our blanket kicker kids, for fear they would get too cold.

:: We remembered how difficult camping is with a little boy at the wonderful exploratory, grabby little age our dear Owen is at. Oh yes, we were busy.

Good times, camping.

It's a process, right?

By Labour Day weekend, we hope to be pros. A yearly aspiration.

Improve on what we must bring,
And cut out the excess.

This next weekend should be even better. Particularly, because it will count as a weekend! This past weekend all that set-up and take down, for ONE NIGHT!

No matter what though, it is all worth it when you are finally set up, and relaxing by that fire.

Right Owen? :)
I love those dangling feet, even more than he loved his little chair -  which is sayin' something!

*I nearly forgot to mention one of the highlights of this camping weekend, when my big-little boy Levi, had an incredibly rare, and brief afternoon nap, on my back, in the Ergo carrier - ahhh, magical. I love that he still likes chilling in that carrier.


  1. Great pictures, I love them all! Whatever the weather, work and animals you are making memories.

  2. Camping is absolutely only for the 'tough enough', especially when there's rain. I was brought up in a tent, my parents were pretty hard core. I've taken Jordan once with my sis and hope to again this summer but I was going to leave Amber at home with daddy cause I was being a chicken. You inspire me to bring her... almost.

    I look forward to seeing more camping posts from you!
    What a cute couple'o'kids you've got.

  3. What a great time! Rain and all...Gosh, camping starts soon here and I can't wait! P.S.- LOVE those yellow boots, Janie!