Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Acres Farm

Spruce Grove, Alberta

We do love a farm, and this one? This one is a freebie! You don't get a lot of those these days, so we relished it, and then made sure to make up for it by buying lots of tasty muffins from the cafe at Happy Acres. By we, I mean my mom. So, yet again, a FREEBIE!

Playground, playhouse, trampoline, and MINI-PONY'S(!!) among other things.

On top of it all, they have "7 acres of chemical free fruits and veggies" for the pickin', and farm fresh eggs for sale. 

Did I mention they serve up a mean root-beer float? And have this awesome guy wandering about?? 
His name is Sprout, in case you were wondering. 
Another young visitor let me know that very important detail, but not before showing me his battle wound from sticking his finger in Cricket's cage. 
Ps. "Cricket" is a cockatoo, and a bitey one at that. Hands at your sides, curious ones.

Check out the grins on these two...

An afternoon well spent!


  1. Awesome Rooster shot! Great farm!

  2. The Rooster picture turned out amazing! So clear. A fun afternoon.