Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sittin' Here In Limbo...

As it has been a week since my last post I should pop-in and mention that I am still awaiting our new little bundle whom, might I add, is seeming much less little with each passing day.
At this stage it is tough to feel anything but total limbo. A little bit glued to the house, and though a walk would probably help, I'm just too tired to get off my butt. Alas, having my mind totally reeling with "When?when?when?" makes it a wee bit tough to engage ideas for blogging, but I am still thoroughly enjoying keeping up with postings on all my favourite blogs.

Needless to say, It has been a week of couch-bound handwork.

It has been enjoyable, but I am SO ready for my time to be packed full of baby goodness & cuddles, and I am especially anxious to see my sweet little boy meet his new baby brother though, as I have been warned, he may shed a few tears. :(


  1. Oh Janie, this is the hardest part isn't it? I went over my due date all five times. The only advice I have is just to relax and remember that your little guy will come when he is ready. How exciting for you and your family-good luck. Thinking of you in South Carolina.

  2. Thanks Tracey :) After a pretty easy breezy pregnancy it definitely is the hardest part. I had the crazy notion that babies came progressively earlier. Clearly not the case!