Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Beautiful Year!

Hey folks! I'm one today. That's right, ONE!

Yup. That was me 12 months ago. Cute huh?

My favourite things are throwing toys behind my head and laughing like It's the greatest joke in the world, throwing food from my highchair, eating non-food stuffs, playing with my big brother, destroying big brother's lego creations, and head butting.

Was that me?! You know the camera adds weight right??

My latest and greatest joy? Cupcakes.

Here's me checking out my options earlier today.

And here's me cuddling my birthday cupcake (banana cake w/ chocolate buttercream frosting).

Ya, I liked it.

Life is good.
I am extremely loved.

Well seriously, you try not loving this.

Happy Birthday to me!! XO


  1. Happy birthday to such a sweet boy! Love ALL the pictures. xoxo

  2. wow owen, how cute are you. i just love you so much and i am so happy that you are feeling better. you have the best smile ever. what a cute, sweet,happy baby. happy birthday darlin xx granny xx

  3. Oh he IS adorable. Just gorgeous. Happy Birthday, Owen! Glad you liked your cupcake. :)

  4. How sweet! Happy birthday little man, looks like you've had a great year xo