Saturday, May 7, 2011

Antiques and Children

In theory, it was a good plan... no it was a great plan. Levi was going to sit in the wagon the whole time with his good friend Nami, and he was going to love it.
We were going to peruse antiques, and I would arrive back home with my arms loaded down in beautiful vintage sewing goodies, and for some reason today, antique linens, potholders and the like. Ahhhhh, dreams...

Well, it all started with getting pooped on. Yes friends, I was pooped on this morning, and no it was not by one of my beautiful baby boys - which, I can totally handle (you kind of have to handle it after it happens a couple of times).
As I reached my unsuspecting arm in to my car to unfasten my littlest guy from his seat - BLAMMO! My hand and wrist were targeted in a fly-by, as were the side of my baby's car seat and the main seat back inside the car.
I didn't let it get me down though, because as all good people know it is fabulous luck to get shat on by a bird.

After that brief episode I was sure that I was in store to find the most wonderful surprise at the antique market today. hmmm..
Well, needless to say, though Owen snoozed away in the Ergo as usual, Levi was not okay with maxin' it out in the wagon no matter who was going to sit with him. His game was either throwing rocks or "mama, Up". It's not the easiest having 14 pounds in a front carrier, and 30 pounds on your hip. Good workout though. I did become an instant expert at the very quick neck snapping action required to keep an eye on your exploring, handsy little one, and all the antique goodies around. At one point as he tells me "ball, ball" I turned my head to spy him holding the "ball", which actually was a big, round, very breakable, orange ceramic basket.
I should get a medal for speed! :)

So, lesson learned you ask?? Well, I can only hope the littles learned that antiques are awesome, and are meant to be enjoyed. Next time these kids are gonna love it. That's the lesson we're talking about right?
Besides, despite spending the better part of the morning feeding, chasing, or changing little ones we did have sun and warmth, and I did enjoy a good chatty sit down with a coffee and friends.

I would like to add, Hooray for kind people who let you bud into the enormous line-up to buy your little fella a drink, for playgrounds at the antique market, and for good friends and their wagons who help to make these adventures a little bit possible, even if the wagon is only happily used accompanied with snack bribery.

In conclusion, to the unlucky soul who decided being pooped on by a bird was good luck:
I'm sorry that you clearly have had to suffer this fate enough times that you had to create this fiction but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

The boys, all wiped out from the excitement of the market.



  1. Great writing! So funny! What a day you had. Love the pictures.

  2. I'm laughing right now! Oh my word. My kid is just like that! Us trying to still go out into the world without a toddler tearing it apart... joke. And love the passed out photo. So perfect.