Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Thrifting

I know I should have been outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth on Saturday but, alas, I was browsing through one of the local thrift shops instead.

The container on the left is such an awesome score. It held all the knitting needles that were for sale, so I wasn't sure they would let my buy it. 3 bucks later, this baby is at my house and holding my small number of knitting needles. Perfection!
I don't have a plan for the green glass dish except that it will be in my sewing room. You can never have enough containers in a sewing room - am I right??

The knitting needles are handmade from birch in Milwaukee, WI.
This children's book is a basic intro to various fiber's and I love it!
The basket is intended to sit underneath my sewing table as a catcher for scraps that I may otherwise toss in the garbage. I'm finding more and more projects that utilize fabric scraps of ALL sizes and so, I might as well hang on to them (like I need an excuse to step-up my fabric hoarding!!).

I also picked up 3 pairs of pants for my quickly growing big little boy at 3 dollars each, and an awesome dress for myself that needs a couple alterations. Maybe a post for another day...

I think the thrift shop was the right choice for my Saturday!

ps. I did sort of enjoy the sunshine from just inside the garage while I threw a coat of paint on a couple of last week's thrifted finds. Does that count?


  1. You had a great day at the thrift store! Totally awesome knitting needle holder!

  2. GREAT SCORE! Wow, that needle holder is awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green glass. It will be perfect in your "studio".