Monday, January 31, 2011

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon buns have been an unsatisfied craving for, no joke, weeks! I finally bought one Friday morning at Starbucks while hanging at the book shop with my little guy, and was even more disappointed than never having had one and so I finally took the plunge and made some that night.
That's a lot of pressure for one little cinnamon roll to have. I stared those things down while they rose, and rose again, and then yet again as they baked. There was a lot riding on these, and I gotta say though I was MORE satisfied, I sure wished I hadn't baked them so long. Every recipe said 25-30 minutes. When it comes to baking my oven always seems best closer to the higher temperature in a possible range, but I put them at the minimum of 25 anyway just to be safe and still they seemed a little overdone.

I checked a whole bunch of different recipes and took bits from several. One older recipe called for 1/2 a yeast cake - the book is an antique so that may explain it. When I looked it up all I could find were recipes for cakes with yeast?? Anyway, no recipe felt just right so I adapted. I really love how much my kitchen courage has improved in the last year. I feel more adventurous, familiar, and accepting of a possible failure when it comes to making it up as I go.

The whole creating of the cinnamon buns was to coincide with the delivery of our first paper on Saturday morning. Not the first newspaper ever of our lives mind, but the first we have had delivered to us in many years. We just subscribed for weekend delivery and were WAY excited for it. Is that a little bit sad?... What is sadder is that it never showed!! :(

Anyway, what could be more fitting than a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll while you read the paper - pipe dreams I know when you have a little one. I'm actually having a wee out loud laugh right now as I just realized our entire Saturday morning vision of coffee and a nice reading of the paper is truly hilarious!! Oh well, it can always be lovely in it's own crazy way.
The beauty of babies? There can be no true plan.

One thing I did learn, is that cinnamon buns only get better and better the next couple mornings. Passed 3 mornings I couldn't say. I imagine if the decline were to begin on any day it would be on the 4th - just a guess! :)
I feel like I will take this next weekends pending paper delivery as another opportunity to perfect the cinnamon bun!


  1. OOOHHH!!! Those look so YUMMY! Hope you are feeling well!

  2. They may have been overdone to your taste but they look great!