Monday, January 17, 2011


The final stretch is here with 6, yes that's right (where did the time go???) SIX WEEKS!! I suppose you could say I've been pretty nesty through this whole pregnancy, but I'm kickin' things up a notch between bouts of tiredness, playing trains, and reading the same 3 or 4 stories a hundred times over.

With my little one fighting his nap full force today, and me fighting his nap fighting, I had a couple good hours of cupboard clean-out to tend to. He is a persistent little man. It's amazing what a party a kid can have in his crib when he is THAT tired! So while song and dance, and near through the roof crib jumping ensued a pantry was cleaned out, along with our most jumbled kitchen cupboards. A sizable chunk of stuff has been added to a donation pile, a good bit of food went in the compost, and my life is feeling a little less cluttered and a little closer to ready for another being to join the roost.
I do love this little bonus of "nesting" that accompanies a pregnancy.


  1. Put up a link to your etsy stuff(:ᴆ

  2. Would do, if I had any!! Pipe dreams...

  3. Aww... you'll get there. Love you. xoxo