Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Dreaming Of A...

Fresh New Trip!

So, our mind wheels are turning like mad trying to decide on the best trip to take this year.
How long should we go? What can we afford? Are we mental (as we'll have 2 youngin's)?? and most importantly - WHERE?

We plan to travel slightly longer than last year as we have the benefit of parental leave for my hubby, and we'd be silly not to take advantage of that right??? Though 6 months to a year would be dreamy...ahhhh... 3 months is what we're gearing towards - if only we could get on the saving train!! Saving for travel becomes intensely more difficult when you go from being a full-time earner to a full-time mom.
Though there are more of us, and I'm not earning a wage we are saving better, and we definitely do less. The spending changes quite a bit when you aren't out on the town on a regular basis whooping it up, eating out, watching movies and all that jazz. Anyway, this is motivating me somewhat to finally post some stuff on Etsy, and we've been doing a healthy clean-out to sell some things locally on Kijiji or Craig's List.

We have brainstormed Central America, the Caribbean, Trans-Siberian railway combined with Japan (mega bucks though which would make this a much shorter journey), or a pop-tent trailer and a cruise across our own beautiful Canada with a big-time emphasis on the northern bits. My greatest wish is to take the Trans-Siberian railway, then a two night boat from Shanghai across to Japan and spend a month wandering about Japan, but we have decided that will not be this year. We would like to take a bit longer and so we need to find somewhere that we can afford to stay longer.
As for Central America, and the Caribbean there are too many issues around immunizations, malaria, dengue and the like that I just can't deal with for two little boys. Travelling to Italy, Levi had a cough which should be no big deal right? Well, with medical help simple and readily available, I'll tell ya it is still incredibly bothersome and scary at times when you are in a new place, so Central America with a malaria risk is not happening - yet...
As for our cross-canada dreams we have yet to invest in the vehicle that can handle a pop-tent trailer, and figure this is an ideal trip when we have more, and slightly older kids so another time.

We seem to be stuck on the idea of somewhere around Spain, Portugal, and Morrocco. Possibly a month each, maybe 3 months apartment rental in one spot with brief, side trips. We shall see, but we are seriously looking into this region. The ease of travel with convenient rail service and of course the cheap (if not slightly sketchy) airlines available make it a great choice, especially with friends and family a hop away in the U.K.
The fact that we have never been to these 3 spots, also make it an ideal option!

All will make itself known to us when we see the disposition of our new little travel companion. We feel that even if they start out a little fussy, taking them on a couple adventures when they are young can only be good training for later right? Levi is a fantastic traveller, and happy as anything on an airplane and a train - just don't bring him on a bus! He's still had to suffer through the odd bus ride, but restrictions do not bode well with him :).

Let the saving and planning begin!

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  1. I think you should rethink it. I believe Canada would be the best option with a month(at least) in Alberta:-))