Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Clean-Up

There is so much to do in the next two months before our second son is born, and I just didn't feel I could move on with organizing until the Christmas clean-up took place.

Generally, I like to hang on as long as possible, and this year was no different. What made it all the more difficult was the face of my little guy every morning when we came downstairs for our breakfast and he would point at the tree and say "Oh!" and "Ooh!" - his little way of asking us to turn on those Christmas lights. I felt very sad taking that away from him, but there were full-on branches falling off on to the floor - it was most definitely time. We will keep our outdoor lights up for a good while longer, so at least he has his evening enjoyment each day as the timer kicks in at dusk.

The balcony is as far as our tree has made it at this point. We plan to just chuck it over as opposed to dragging it down the stairs and through the garage which would make for a pretty serious mess. Should we leave it on the balcony until tree pick up next Friday we may experience a once magnificent fir exploding into a fury of needles all over the street and driveway. Ah well, "LOOK OUT BELOW!".

No matter how much you love it there is always a slight feeling of relief when everything is all put away, don't you find?

Let the (pre-) spring cleaning begin!

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  1. Totally agree! Something about the day after Christmas that makes everything just look like clutter.