Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fire Craft!

So my biggest boy has a love-hate thing going with fire. He backed into a fire ring while camping last summer, burned his leg, and has been fascinated and terrified of fire ever since, adopting the name "fireboy" pretty soon after his experience. Does this theme/story sound somewhat familiar?...

Anyway, so I've been having some fun browsing for fire-related crafts. Pinterest is so great for finding ideas for crafting with kids - it is where I originally found this little idea.

We gave it a try, and they loved it. My younger son (deemed waterboy by his big brother) was a little miffed with this crafty plan. When I told them what we were going to do he said "No fireboy, I'm wawaboy!", but in the end he decided it was okay for him to build a fire too.

Love how this turned out!

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