Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hotel Stays and Healthy Eating

I'm not sure the two go together...

We try.
It helps to have a refrigerator in your room, so you can load it with yogurt, fruit, cheese, and a few veg. Then all you need are crackers, and you can call it "lunch".

This probably doesn't look all that appetizing to most of you but, hey, this is the kind of "lunch" our kiddies will eat, and it works well when all you've got happening is a hotel fridge.

When it comes to eating on the go, let's be honest, I stink. We visit the science center regularly and there is always at least one family sitting down to a proper healthful meal - like a massive container of rice and vegetables. Well, as for us, what you see above? That's pretty much our take everywhere, on-the-go food.  I have some learning to do...

Maybe one day I'll figure it all out, and have a big post full of fabulous belly-filling ideas. Until then, if you want to hang out in our hotel room during the lunch hour - I hope you like cheese and crackers.



  1. I remember those lunches with our babes. It's like a snackers delight. Have you tried serving it in an icecube tray? It adds a bit of fun..