Friday, June 28, 2013

The 'Comic' Timing of a 2 Year Old...

Ah yes. Comical. The further away in time the incident gets, the more comical it becomes, as tends to happen with these things...

This little man. This one here. He is cute, yes. But what he is also, is insanely quick. Something we knew, but in a moment of weakness forgot is to NOT leave our valuables sitting steps from a washroom! He hadn't done this before, but of course the possibility was there, and imminent.

You can probably guess, but I'll just fill in the blanks for you.

It was moments from heading out the door to have our baby. Yes,  just awaiting the midwife, putting all   the necessities by the door in anticipation of leaving for the hospital to have our baby.

Where is the camera? Says my hubby.
Uh, it's right there by the door. Says I.
Um, NO it isn't. Says irritated hubby.
I just put it there. Says me.
Ya. The case is here. says my man.


Owen? Did you put the camera somewhere?
Yup. Says Owen.

Could you please show me where?
Yup. Says Owen.

He happily, with a clear skip in his step, toddles over to the washroom, as I suck in my breath and hold.
Yes he does what you think. He lifts the lid of the toilet, and there it sits floating on our one saving grace - the FULL roll of TP he chucked in the toilet just before. I'm pretty sure I screamed.

There really wasn't even time to panic. Erin, our midwife arrived seconds after. My mom ran and got her camera for us (Thank God!), I was quickly assessed, we jumped in the car, and off we went.

Oh dear, sweet Owen. Kids really do rock, but why, tell me WHY do they pick the moments they do??

A couple weeks to dry out, and it's nearly right as rain. Just a wonky, mixed up dating thing which makes uploading a little funny. I thank the TP.

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