Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seeing Eye to Eye


  1. shoot, just tried to post and think I erased it. if you end up with 2 posts from me, sorry!
    Anyway, was saying I love this post not only because it's super cute but because I grew up with a Westie just like yours.

  2. I wonder what they both are thinking?! That is just so cute!xx

    PS-Yes, the doll in my picture I made. Next time I plan on making a smaller one. It took me 6 hours just to do the hair and face!

  3. So cute:-)xo

  4. awww, so cute levi, you sure do love aggie don't you? xx love gran xx

  5. Cory - It's my in-laws Westie, but having been around my hub's family for years now I suppose I kind of grew up with one too! :)
    Tracey - I do LOVE that doll! My mom made a crocheted lion for my son, and it took her ages! The things crafty chicks do for the people they love...

    And really, is this a stand-off, a staring contest. or are they just having a little chat with their eyes. Hmmm.... cuteness