Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Eats at Dusseldorf's Christmas Markets

We made it to a German Christmas Market a lot sooner than I ever could have anticipated. I can honestly say it lived up to all my expectations and then some. Leaving Germany was as tough for my tummy as it was for my Christmas spirit!

I could have spent many more weeks in Germany for the food alone. The markets will never leave you hungry. In fact, I'm not sure if I ever went very long without munchin' on something.

Potato pancakes with applesauce

Fried Mushrooms with a garlic sauce (My personal favourite).


"Spatzle mit sauerkraut und schwarzwalder speck" - Spatzle is a German "noodle", so this tasty concoction consists of Spatzle with sauerkraut and a type of Bacon. So delicious.

Goulash was one of many incredible homemade soups available at the markets.

Chocolate covered marshmallows - We made it through only 3 of the 23 flavours, one of many excellent reasons for a return trip.

Roasted & Flavoured Almonds. We tried Vanilla, Coconut, Regular caramelized, and Cinnamon - all too yummy!

Nutella Crepe - sorry about the photo. The photo had to wait for me to have a big bite (or several).

Lebkuchen - a gingerbread-like baked treat that is a German tradition.

There are so many more that were enjoyed, but went unphotographed.

On top of it all there was someone's very first candy cane

And that same someone's very second candy cane

Neither candy cane shown is peppermint which he later declared as being "too fizz" - an all-purpose statement for the very fizzy, spicy, staticky, tingly etc.

And, of course, there were the drinks, among them the local ALT beer,

and a mulled wine called Gluwhein (available in red or white)


We made sure to enjoy each and every market's Gluwhein - which has left us with a good sized collection of Christmas mugs to enjoy our morning coffee in, and what will now be a yearly December reminder that we need to go back!


  1. Ah so awesome ~ you guys were really living the life! ; )

  2. You are one lucky woman! These treats! Yum Yum. And Spatzle, I saw it made on a cooking show and have wanted to try to make it ever since! We actually might have tried with a massive 'fail'. But man, all those foods are making me hungry at 0830am with the kids fed but not me. LOL