Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looking For A Touch Of Christmas Around The World

When we are travelling, we try to keep our packs as light as possible, but of course want to bring home the odd memorable souvenir. An incredibly light and easy collection is Christmas ornaments. The best thing about this is that each year after being tucked away and out of mind for 10 or 11 months they are unpacked and a whole pile of memories are gone back over at a time of year when good memories seem to be most appreciated.

Some of our ornaments are not quite as seasonal as others. Some were just last minute desperate purchases - usually keychains that we turned into ornaments but somehow, for us, they fit in.
One of my favourites is a small wooden door, hand carved at our request by a gentleman in Zanzibar, Tanzania - very indicative of this island's beautiful and ornate architectural style.

Collecting Christmas ornaments on your trips is a fun challenge, and one you can appreciate anew every year as you decorate and enjoy your tree!



  1. Where is the picture of the small door? I am so curious now. Such a good idea for souvenirs.