Thursday, December 13, 2012


With a number of life changing events in our very near future, saying things feel busy is an understatement. My "nesting" instinct is in overdrive, and my anxiety rivals my excitement in equal anticipation of all that is to come.

This week we found ourselves on a mini-break to introduce our little boys to what will become their new hometown. You could say it's preemptive damage control. I have no idea how much this move will upset their busy little minds, so we are doing our best to prepare them. 

I sought out children's books on the subject recently, but for their young ages there was nothing I could find that worked, and two I read brought up a series of fears that I don't even think are on their radar. I don't want to introduce an upsetting idea that hasn't even crossed their minds, so goodbye to that plan! 

We will be about a five hours drive from where we currently live, so it's not too crazy. Weekend visits are completely within our reach, and the boys do travel well (thank goodness).

Our first couple months in the new house will zip by in a flash between visiting family, exploring, new baby, and of course (!) general exhaustion. Time will only tell, when it comes to how we all feel about our new home once the dust has settled... 

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  1. I think your visit to the new home as an introduction is perfect. When we were house hunting with an 18 month old he actually planted his butt in what is currently his bedroom and didn't move during the open house. I knew he was going to be okay with the move.
    Keep talking about the move in an exciting way and I'm sure they'll follow suite. They won't know to be stressed! :)