Thursday, August 23, 2012

Edmonton Trail System

Every time we visit Alberta, Jim plans to venture along one of Edmonton's many trails. Every time, it seems, we fail. This past trip we made it a priority, and are so glad we did!

There are 160km of trails within the city. Amazing, right? To me it is. You would never know you were even in a city hiking along these beautiful paths.

Until, of course, you pop out of the woods, and there it is!


He is actually "smiling" here. Doesn't he look happy? ;)

Anyway, we will try extra hard to always include one of Edmonton's many trails during future visit's!


  1. Beautiful pictures! It is hard to tell whether he is happy or not. It's a cute picture any way. He seems to love making faces. xo

  2. great pics once again janie xxxx [janis]

  3. Awwww! Those are gorgeous pictures. :)And what a fantastic "smile"!