Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Drawstring Gift Bags

I get on these kicks - I find a pattern I dig and I run with it. It happened with the Bedbugs, the Quick Change Trousers, and Cloth baskets. Now it is happening with these drawstring gift bags from the blog In Color Order. I started by winging it, but when I came across this tutorial and the concept of sewing all your pieces into one continuous strip, it made a massive difference in the ease and simplicity of a drawstring bag.

The one thing all the projects I obsess about have in common is the use of at least 3 different fabrics. I love browsing my stash to come up with fun combinations. Being that I usually don't invest in over a yard of any one material because I have no specific project in mind at the time, patterns that require more variety of smaller amounts work out pretty great for me!


  1. I like all the combinations of fabric.

  2. Nice job! I see why you get on a kick though. Once you get your groove you know? Love all the fabrics!