Thursday, August 9, 2012

Birthday Party Ideas For a PDF File

I purchased a Retro Robot PDF file on Etsy. I loved the look of it, and figured I could find something to do with it for my son's much anticipated Robot party on his third birthday.

The hubby and I printed 2 sheets of the PDF, cropped, and then laminated each one for a fun little robot memory game.

Of course, I had to sew up a little drawstring bag to store it in! :)

In future, I would love to take this idea using cute pictures from a vintage children's book, or any number of other places and make memory games for the take home party favours.

Anyway, that was my one big idea. My mom, the crafty genius, came up with a crazy number of ways to use this cute little PDF - a party banner, loot bags, and food signage among them. Pop over HERE to see them all.

Also, head over to this post on Fun Fabrication to find more pics of the amazing Robot birthday!


  1. What a LUCKY kid. OMG- these are awesome - and your Mom's stuff is just killing me! Have a great weekend and a fantastic party!