Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday Clothes


This year's Birthday Tee for Levi, came from I Spot You - An Etsy Shop selling really cute customized t-shirts for kids.

It was pure coincidence that the Robot fabric I had ordered coordinated perfectly with the birthday t-shirt! Yay!

The pants are pretty basic - a pattern traced from a pair of Levi's long shorts, or short pants, whichever way you wanna slice it.
I added pockets on the bum out of the circuit board fabric, and added cuffs in the contrasting orange robot fabric. All 3 fabrics are from Robert Kaufman's Robot Factory collection.
The waist is just a simple elastic waist band. I always use ribbed non-roll waistband elastic.

Of course, little brother had to have a tee to celebrate the occasion too!

*Tie T-shirt material is the orange Robot Factory


  1. They both look so cute in their outfits!

  2. Oh my god. The tie t-shirt! So great!
    And I love that little robot birthday tee. I'm going to have to go fave a new shop! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh, how did I miss these? I love them Janie!