Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Years

I have some catching up to do, post-wise, but I'll get there... This post is a mere 6 weeks overdue!
My second week in Alberta was a whirlwind with barely a moment for a breath.

Sunday July 1st was a celebration spanning 93 years of living between my firstborn's 3rd, and my Grandma's 90th birthday. It is a gift in itself that I have seen my 3 year old son get to know his great-grandma, let alone them sharing not just a date but, this year, the actual day.

These years, they astound me. How is it, that 3 years of my firstborn's life have come and gone? When only moments ago I was looking into his sweet little swollen, brand new face in utter disbelief (and with a hint of trauma..)!

His extraordinary birthday party, courtesy of Grandma, was 2 days later. Here is Levi on his actual day, pleased as punch, enjoying his birthday brekky hot chocolate. Makes you want a hot chocolate too, doesn't he?

My baby boy. Happy 3 years. You are so loved.

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