Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Few Tidbits

Real Men Don't Wear Shorts
You can tell a tourist by his shorts. Really. Local males do not wear shorts and that seems to be true of most countries outside of North America, Aus, and NZ. In East Africa it was thought to be a habit of only boys, and I think the Italians would agree.
Seeing as locals can likely spot a tourist from a mile away anyhow, it's your call when you're sweatin' it in 35 degrees C.

Big Man in Vatican
The pope spoke to us. Well, us along with several thousand others. We just happened to walk up as it was all happening, and as a matter of fact we were kind of excited about it despite the fact that we couldn't understand a single word.
Our apartment is very near the Vatican, so we pass through Piazza San Pietro everytime we head out. Always busy with loiterers, snapshot takers, and the reverent, the piazza is a great spot to people watch.

In Awe
Yesterday we paid a visit to The Sistine Chapel. It is on the top of my list for things I have seen, ever. When I had a chance to pass the babe to my hub and really stand and take it all in I, in fact, became very emotional. It is massive, first of all. I can't even imagine the dedication involved in this 4 year undertaking. I can't even imagine how it only took 4 years!?
You feel like God himself had his hand on Michaelangelo's brush.

Change of Food Scenery
So, it happened. We finally tired of cheese, panini, pizza, and pasta. For one evening we dipped in to a rare Japanese restaurant for a little break from tomatoes and basil. It was tasty and enjoyable, but I admit there was a slight twinge of eater's remorse afterward as we passed little restaurants with the most amazing looking food.
It isn't that I have tired of the food entirely but sometimes, for the good of my health, I gotta have a salad that isn't a ball of cheese with oil on it! How do Italians stay so thin??

Eating Light
They eat dinner very late in Italy. Most restaurants close for the afternoon and re-open at 7pm. This doesn't always work well with a baby. In Positano, we went looking for an open restaurant at around 5pm and found only one. The waiter said to us "I am sorry but Restaurant is closed. If you like I can make you a light snack?". Curious at what was available and knowing it was likely our only option to fill the voids in our bellies, we inquired. "Light snack" options were lasagna, panini, salads, or pizza. Lasagna and pizza, a light snack?? hmmm... Again, how so thin?!? We were stuffed! And beautifully, for once we didn't get an eyebrow raise for ordering pasta as our meal instead of our starter course.

"The Italian's Spinach" or "How to grow hair on your baby's chest"

Ostrich meat? Possibly. Horse? I don't think so.

Italy really is a classy place in every sense of the word. I mean, I walk in front of a guy on his scooter and completely cut him off causing a slight teeter, and he says "oh Signora!" to me in a way that is intended to reprimand but feels more like a kiss with words. No kidding!

...And then, you get...

Anyone in need of an apron?

What would Michaelangelo have to say about this??
(That is an image of his statue of David in case you didn't know).

So, Ta ta for now! Last full day in Italy tomorrow :(

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  1. Yes I checked it really is horse!!! Always so interesting. I love reading about your adventures.