Monday, June 28, 2010

Board Books

I love 'em. The little guy can find interest in books (his own way i.e. chewing and throwing) without me being all uptight about it, and there are just so many awesome ones. He has all his board books on a shelf that he can reach, and as soon as he is in his room he races right over tears them all off the shelf and then sits and turns the pages. It's one of my favourite things to watch.

Some favourites so far

Four new ones will join the shelf this Thursday (the First Birthday Extravaganza) :

These little hands love to flip through a good book

Any favourite board books to share?

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  1. Both of my kids LOVED Sandra Boyton (and still do!). Besides the one above, they loved Barnyard Dance and Red Hat, Blue Hat. Another favorite was something like Hush Little Baby but I can't find it to tell you the real title or author. It was a retelling of the lullaby, but meant to be less consumerist in nature, really sweet.