Thursday, June 24, 2010


A great friend emailed me yet another link to something that would hit me in the wallet, God bless her. What a treasure to be found. This gorgeous antique had been in this family for years and I bought it (through Kijiji) for 60 smackers!

Could it fit more perfectly in that space?? Now, what to keep in it?...

*The cute little embroidered pictures I picked up at a thrift store for a dollar each while browsing downtown Orangeville.

This afternoon involved another trip to the thrift, which I have missed while in Italy. It is a bit of an addiction, just ask my husband. Todays adventure gathered more of the usual - books and fabric with a few little extras.
I scored a galvanized container which I had wanted to arrange a herb planter for my balcony (a project maybe for tomorrow...). It was only 4 bucks. I had seen them for $20 so I think that was a success.
I believe this button is worth mentioning

This little treasure came in a small bag for 50cents which I had grabbed because of 2 magnetic hooks that I wanted to hang aprons from the side of my fridge.

This little magnet was in the bag as well

It has already found it's space on my fridge. It's one of those things that are funny and make you feel strangely uneasy at the same time. hmmm...

More for the stash...

More for the shelves...

That's it for today. Now let's see if I can make it until the weekend without spending another cent. There are people with books and blogs dedicated to their year of no shopping. Yikes!
I just can't seem to pass a second-hand shop without going in, and I just can't seem to go in without picking up just a couple little things. I guess everyone needs a vice though right??

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