Friday, March 15, 2013

A Sugar Shack Visit

On our second weekend in Ottawa, we visited a local sugar shack called Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm. They produce only enough maple syrup on site for visitor's to see the workings of a sugar shack, while the bulk of their maple syrup is all produced on another farm owned by the same family. 

We enjoyed a tasty pancake breakfast. Levi ate his weight in both pancakes, and maple syrup. Definitely the 6 bucks worth we paid. Stanley the bear visited all the tables at breakfast, and both of our boys became happier and more excited about him, the further away he got. Funny how these costumed characters are put in place for the kiddies, but the majority of the little ones are terrified of them. 

Goats, pigs, chickens, horses - one being the largest I have ever seen - are all there for visiting. A wagon ride is also on offer, but we skipped it this time. Maple taffy, of course, is the best bit. 

It is amazing, really, to think that someone thought "hey, if I boil this watery substance coming out of the maple tree for a certain amount of time it will taste super sweet and awesome. Especially good on pancakes!". I mean it probably didn't work quite like that, but still is that not crazy?

There are a pile of maple sugar farms in the Ottawa area, and nearby in Quebec, and we plan to sample as many as possible. We've had a good start!

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  1. You always find great places to take the kids. The boys are all so cute! xo