Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Special Tape"

I thought my oldest little guy would love Washi tape so I picked up 3 rolls of it for him the last time I visited The Paper Place

I was right. He is cuckoo for the stuff. His "special tape", he calls it. 
The only problem is he has blasted through it, while I have resisted the urge (a tough job ya know) to tell him to slow down. 

I know you gotta let them roll with those creative vibes they're feelin', but I also know, at least for the next couple years, it's time to find a cheaper stock of coloured and decorative tape!


  1. Hey Janie, try the dollar store....they often have different coloured masking tape. It's not patterned, but I have found orange, blue, yellow and red there! Also, you could check out this place, which sells Washi tape for $1.99 a roll, a bit cheaper than the Paper Place!

    1. I did check dollarama, but only found fancy duct tape - I'll have to look again. Thanks Andrea!

  2. Small price to pay for so much fun. I love it. He seems so happy! :-))