Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Central Experimental Farm

We visited Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm the week before last with a friend and her son, and I'm thinkin' we should probably get a pass. 
When I looked up the place, it didn't give a whole lot of info, and I was a little concerned that Levi and Owen wouldn't find much to interest them. Totally not the case. This place is awesome. 
First of all, it is massive, and secondly it is right in Ottawa. There are a lot, and a large variety, of animals. We saw many baby animals, as you would at this time of year. There are crafts and activities for kids - we enjoyed a maple taffy talk and tasting. There is a great exhibit with tractors to sit on, and which are rigged to feel like you are sitting on actual moving tractors. 
The honey exhibit is also great, with an area of toys for the little ones to play with. 
There is a playground for when there is a little less snow on the ground, and possibly slightly warmer weather - though our day was an extremely beautiful one, thankfully. 
Also, there are great puddles to be jumped in, but I can't guarantee those will be there if and when you visit! 

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