Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day at The Fair

Sunday was perfect for a visit to the fair. Milton Fall Fair has been happening for 157 years! Hard to believe. It was our first time - actually I feel like it was my first time at any Fall Fair.

We just loved the small town feel of the fair, and our little guy couldn't get enough of all the animals.

We watched a demolition derby - also our first.

Enjoyed one of my favourite treats that I have possibly once a year - this year I believe I've had the pleasure of enjoying them twice!

Now that I think about it it was a 'classic' fair day, in that I ate nothing but crap! Donuts, popcorn, and sour candies do not make for a healthy lunch. This baby of mine is destined to have a sweet tooth.

Definitely a great day at the fair!

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