Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The last leg

We woke up our last morning in Portland to, of course, a beautiful sunny day. Whenever we have a moving on day, no matter what plans we had excitedly made the night before, we tend to want to get up and out the following morning. It basically went that way the day we were leaving Portland.

The pre-drive called for a greasy spoon brekky, and (yay!) we came across a big old yard sale where I spent a whopping 3 bucks! I scored a big bag of corks (I have a plan), a bag of kids crafty stuff (pompoms, safety scissors, stickers, stamps,etc.) a big bag of stamps AND a kids book that I had when I was wee. 3 BUCKS! Man, I love garage/yard/car boot sales.
In Alberta, they are generally on Thursday and Friday nights. How wicked is that?? You don't have to be up at the crack of dawn like you do in Ontario to claim all the best stuff!
In Scotland, you just venture out to one big old parking lot for everyone's stuff. Again, Awesome! You don't have to drive all over the city to find a sale.
If we combined those 2 ideas, we would have the perfect yard sale.

Anyway, back on the homeward bound subject... After spending a little change at the sale, we had one last look at the lovely coast and headed out with a plan to stop in Utica for the night, arriving home on Sunday. As it turned out when we were cruising by Utica it was only 4:00pm, and we felt a strong urge to head on and try to avoid spending another 80 dollars on a motel. We were wary of pushing it for the little guy, but he was so amazingly patient with us.
He fell asleep at around 9pm, and we had a listen to Harry Potter #7 on cd (I REALLY wanted to say tape there, books on cd just doesn't sound as nice as books on tape...). We had been working our way through this 21 hour story on our trip, and being in the throws of the final chapters in those last couple hours it was pretty easy going.
We reached home at 11pm, had a smooth transfer of sleepy boy from car seat to crib, and presto, lay in our own wonderful bed.
One of the ultimate feelings when you arrive home from a trip. Ahhhh.....

Makes me want to go away again just thinking about it! ;)