Saturday, September 18, 2010

Strawberry Pie

Last night, this was what remained of our spoils from our vsit to Springridge Farm earlier in the week.

The last of Springridge's strawberries of the season were available and I was unable to resist their smell, or their look. I came home armed with a big basket and after eating plenty I needed something to make with them before spoilage set in. Strawberry pie it was! Next time I should probably save the pie for when people are coming over. The hubby and I worked on eating it for the last 3 nights or so (with a tiny bit of help from the little guy).

Always love a farm visit!


  1. The pie looks really good! Levi looks like he had fun at the farm. What is that tube?

  2. He loves it there, mostly because there are so many kids for him to watch.
    I'm not sure what the tube is. Some kind of industrial material set up for a tunnel, and one was set up as a slide - though I imagine all the bumps would hurt your butt!