Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have been very interested, not to mention curious, about the whole Waldorf approach to learning, and was very excited to be able to get a glimpse through registering my little munchkin in a parent-child group at one of the Waldorf schools.

Yesterday was our first day. We have a great group, and not only was it awesome for Levi to be able to play like crazy with a group of other kids around his age, but I really enjoyed having a group of adult women to chat with - not a normal day occurrence for me so it felt pretty good.

There were delicious muffins mixed and baked with help from a few small pairs of hands, while others just played, curious and happy to be in each others company but also happy to be playing alone (ie. not having someone take the toy they are interested in at that moment!).

I really dug that they said a blessing before we had snack. It just feels right to be thankful for each and every time we fill our bellies. Something I would love to start incorporating into my own life.

All the toys were safe, natural & hand-made. Either wood, stitched, knit, or felted it seemed. It was really nice to be in a space where I didn't need to say no. That word becomes all too common sometimes, and it's really nice to just give my curious little boy freedom to play - with Everything.

I tend to build things up a lot in my mind, and then generally find myself disappointed or just not overly thrilled which leaves me very non-committal and unmotivated to attend. As I drove this morning I thought to myself "Please be happy with this!" considering that I had paid, and knew deep down if I didn't totally feel at ease with it I would probably let laziness take over and make excuses why not to go! So there you have a dirty little secret about me...

Looking forward to next week!

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