Wednesday, September 8, 2010

St.Andrew's, New Brunswick

One brief night in St.Andrew's was still enough to show us that we LOVED this town.

We stayed at the Picket Fence Motel which was an easy bike ride from the "downtown" and would be just as easy to walk. The motel was really quite nice and very, very clean.

*Photo by Jim

We had arrived with enough time to enjoy an evening bike ride to the wharf and around town.

Low tide

We had a great dinner at the Harbour Front Restaurant and learned a great lesson at the same time:
Do not think you can go out for a nice sit down dinner with your babe when they have already patiently sat through 6 hours of driving.
I guess we weren't thinking... In the end we were taking turns walking him around the restaurant while the other rushed through their dinner.

We went for coffee in the morning to the Sweet Harvest Market where I had a Fieldberry Scone, and Jim had one of their cinnamon buns.

Whether "World Famous" or not, they were seriously yummy.

A morning bike ride was well in order. Despite the need for jackets and the fog (which was actually even kind of pleasant in itself), it was really refreshing. A bike ride is always such a nice, slowed down way to enjoy a new place. We enjoyed seeing the difference between the high tide of the morning and low tide from the night before. The water level had risen by 27 feet at the wharf by this ride.

*Photo by Jim

*Photo by Jim

We also browsed a couple of the cute shops, of which there were many.

One of the locals told me that it is a ghost town in the winter, but everyone quite likes it that way. It can be so busy with tourists in the summer, that the peace and quiet of walking down the main street in the dead of winter is something they all appreciate. I can definitely imagine how peaceful it would be.

A bit more time, and we definitely would have done a whale watching tour from here. It is the perfect time of year for it.

The locals are super friendly, the houses so cute, the food delicious, and the views spectacular.
A re-visit is in our future!

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