Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation Thrifting

I do so love visiting thrift shops different from the ones I go to regularly at home, and I do so love the many out in Alberta.

I only wish I could resist the books a little more, especially seeing as they are the worst thing to have to bring back in your luggage. Checking in for our flight back home, we had to re-arrange every suitcase and carry-on as they were ALL over weight due to my "new" books. On top of the ones here, I also picked up nearly the full set of 'Little House' books, and I brought home a stack from my mom's house from when I was little.

Anyone remember this old tape player?? I had one as a child. It is a crazy sturdy little thing and in excellent shape. My husband has been trying to get me to ditch all my tapes for AGES. Now, sitting here I can't remember if he succeeded??... I know for sure I have tons of kid tapes anyway, so this will be perfect for my boys. Our main library shut down to make way for a new one and in the process sold off a ton of old childrens books on tape to make way for a new, larger library, and I reaped the spoils!
I'm excited to add this pyrex bowl to the rest of my collection (which is courtesy of my mom). It was "fill a bag for 5 dollars" at a church garage sale, and these 3 items were in my bag along with a couple others - talk about a score!

This last photo is all the craft goodies I have collected. Knitting needles, fabric, 3 skeins of crochet cotton, ribbon, zippers, needles, buttons, thread, bias tape, among other things - all for about 13 bucks! I have heard a rumour of a thrift store in California that is strictly craft/art supplies. Sounds like the grail of thrift shops to me.

It's been a successful week!


  1. Thrifting is my favorite kind of shopping and you scored big!

  2. Alberta thrifting's the best! Come back soon. xo