Friday, June 10, 2011

Postcards From Alberta

I have been playing with my mom's phone and I looooove this! I have NEVER wanted a cell phone, but this app for iphone makes me want one a little bit. Stuck in a wee bit of Edmonton traffic on Friday afternoon was so fun for me (says the girl who wasn't driving!) thanks to this!


  1. Very cool, I too can't wait! Counting the days to my blackberry contract ending. Lorna has a great photo of Tueli, looks like the same app.

  2. Great pics. :-) I use my cell phone camera all the time. Its such a great little thing when we are out and I don't have my big phone on me. When my husband is gone I can just email him a picture of me and the kiddos from my cell. Isn't technology amazing?!

  3. These are the coolest snapshots!
    Awesome ;)